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Blackberry P9983

We are proud to offer repairs on the full range of Blackberry P9983. All type of repairs have turnaround of 1-2 days including major problems.

LCD Broken / No Display

If Blackberry P9983 LCD Broken or Blackberry screen not displaying properly then you have to replace the complete lcd screen on your handset including touchscreen as it comes as one sealed unit – it will fix broken screens – inked screens – or white screens – if your display is not working this is the repair for you Blackberry P9983.

Liquid Damage Repair

If your Blackberry P9983 dropped into water then this repair will help your Blackberry P9983 for cleaning of liquid damage – It covers the cleaning of the main-board and the replacement of damaged main board components ( it does not include price of parts such as speaker, trackpad, lcd screen etc.

Original Complete Housing Replacement

Blackberry Service Center In Chennai will do replacement of complete housing not including the touchscreen or LCD screen.

Sim Card Reader Repair (Not Reading Sims Or Broken Damaged Sim Reader)

Blackberry Service Center In Chennai will fix any kind of SIM card issue on Blackberry P9983. This repair is for a replacement sim reader.

Charging Socket Repairs / USB Connector / Micro USB Jack Replacement Service

If your Blackberry P9983 not charging properly. Bring to Blackberry Service Center In Chennai we will fix it in an hour. This repair is for a replacement Micro USB Charging Socket/Jack.

Unlock Your Blackberry - Set Your Blackberry Free !!

This is so that you can use the Blackberry on any other network.
Blackberry Service Center In Chennai has all the necessary technical equipment and a team of highly qualified engineers to unlock almost any types of mobile phones today. Our Blackberry phone unlocking service is safe, simple and 100% guaranteed to unlock your Blackberry phone. Turnaround for Blackberry phone unlocking is 24 hours depending upon your network carrier.

Trackpad Sensor Problem Repair

If your experiencing problems with your trackpad bring to Blackberry Service Center In Chennai. Our Service engineer will repair this problem by replacement of trackpad including fitting and calibration.

Keypad Problems Repairs

Are you having trouble with the keypad on your Blackberry smartphone? Is it not responding when you press the keys? Are some of the keys sticking? Any type of trouble with your Blackberry smartphone’s keypad can seriously impede your ability to use the device to communicate.
If your Blackberry keypad is not responding, if some keys are stuck or if it is malfunctioning in some other way then get it into the hands of the skilled technicians at Blackberry Service Center In Chennai as soon as possible. We can fix your Blackberry in a timely manner and at a price that you can afford.

Replacement Battery Cover

Blackberry Service Center offer this service for a replacement of Blackberry P9983 Torch back / battery cover.

Software Problem - Blackberry Running Slow - Or BB Messenger Not Working

When your Blackberry works really slowly it usually means it needs a complete service level software flash/upgrade. We can carry this out for you either via our daily service or while you wait in our retail service shop in Vadapalani, Chennai .

Sound problems Speaker / Ringer Replacement

if you cant hear your phone ring or you cant hear people when they speak then you have to replace ringer or speaker module. Blackberry Service Center offer this repair for phone which is having sound problems or speaker problems or ringer problems. Which will cover the replacement of the ringer or speaker module.

Microphone Problems (People Can't Hear You On Your Blackberry P9983)

If you people cant hear you when you speak then you have to replace microphone module. Blackberry Service Center in chennai will do replacement of the microphone module in an hour.

Security Codes Reset

Have you forgotten your security Code, No Worries our technician will reset your security code in an hour.
Blackberry Service Center in Chennai will reset security code for your Blackberry P9983 in an hour.

Not powering up faults

If your Blackberry P9983 touch or keypad doesn’t respond or doesn’t turn on Your Blackberry P9983 might not start up correctly, or it might not respond when you press buttons. We are there to solve not powering up issue in an hour.Our experienced engineers at Blackberry Service Center can be reached at 044 – 4203 5177 & +91 – 96771 48178 to fix powering up faults.